Data Usage Check

Only for supported SIMs / eSIMs

If the data usage is not displayed, please track it through your phone settings.
Click #usage-guide or scroll down for a guide on how to check data consumption on your device.

eSIM Data Usage Check

Physical Sim Data Usage Check

Data usage tracking using phone.


Settings > Mobile

Current Period Roaming is your current data usage.

iphone data usage

Samsung / Android

Settings > Connections > Data usage

Your data usage will be shown as below.

Please be aware that the data warning is a feature on your phone designed to assist you in monitoring your data usage, and it does not reflect your actual plan quota. You can manually adjust the data warning by navigating to the Billing Cycle and Data Warning settings. For example, you can manually adjust the 50 GB below to your preferred value, such as 20 GB or 1 GB.

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