eSIM Setup guide & eSIM compatibility Check

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is like a virtual SIM card built into your device. It connects your device to a cellular network without needing a physical card, allowing for easy switching between carriers. Installing it is simple; you can do it by scanning a QR code or installing from an image of the QR code from your photo gallery.

Is My Phone eSIM Compatible?

Before making your purchase, make sure your phone supports eSIMs Here’s a simple guide to help you check if your device is eSIM compatible:

1. Check if Your Phone is Unlocked:

Make sure your phone can work with any carrier. Some carriers may limit eSIM use to phones bought directly from them.

2. Watch Out for Phones from Other Countries (Grey Imports):

Be aware if the phone you purchased was made for specific regions or also known as grey imports.
Some might not support eSIMs, even if they’re the same model sold in your country.

3. How to Check for eSIM Compatibility:

An EID, short for Electronic IDentifier, is a special code tied to eSIMs. If your phone has an EID, it means it is eSIM compatible. Think of it like a digital fingerprint that helps your phone securely connect to networks without needing a physical SIM card.

You can do a quick check for your phone’s EID in two ways:

Dial *#06# for EID: To retrieve your EID, simply dial *#06# using your phone’s dialer app. If an EID number appears, it indicates that your phone is likely compatible with eSIMs.

Check Phone Settings: Go to your phone’s settings and look under “About Phone” or a similar option for any mention of EID.

List of eSIM Supported Handsets (not exhaustive):

How to use eSIM?

1. Settings


Go to phone settings >  Mobile


Go to phone settings >  Connections > Sim card manager


2. Add eSIM


Tap Add eSIM


Add mobile plan > Scan carrier QR code


3. Scan the QR code (sent to your e-mail)

*Internet connection is required*

You can also set up your eSIM manually or by saving your QR code to your photos app.

“Enter Details Manually”: Type in the address and activation code provided in the email. Not all product supports manual installation.

“Open Photos”: Screenshot or save the QR code from your email to your photo gallery, then select the option to open the photo app and select the relevant QR code to be installed. This is only available only on certain phone model with the latest software update.

Scan QR code or install from photo gallery

4. Tap Activate eSIM / Continue

eSIM will be installed once you tapped the button and cannot be cancelled.


5. Ensure eSIM profile is selected.

The default profile name might be Secondary / Travel depending on your phone settings.

TIP: You can rename the eSIM profile to “TravelKon” for easy access. Please also ensure Mobile Data is selected from our eSIM profile.


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