Refund & Money Back Guarantee

Our Promise
We put our customers first in everything we do and strive to source the most reliable SIM card and eSIM. However, there is always the possibility of manufacturing issues and network problems that we may not be able to resolve. This is why we have a 100% money-back guarantee available for all of our customers to protect against faulty SIMs and poor experiences.

Our Refund Policy
Please find below the terms for a refund:

  • If you received the wrong product or damaged product due to transit, notify us within 7 days to process a refund/replacement. Otherwise, we will only accept a claim if you have issues during your trip.
  • If during the trip you are having issues, you MUST contact us via our live chat (Messenger or on WhatsApp) or email us at [email protected] to communicate your experience.
  • We need you to work with us in trying to resolve any issues before we can process any money back guarantee claims.
  • Alternatively, the refund claim form below must be filled out to help us better understand the issue.
  • We will then endeavor to respond as soon as possible (we are very responsive with average response time of less than 5 minutes).
  • Once the refund claim has been approved and processed, you will receive it in 3-5 business days to the method of payment of your order.
  • We may need you to send us back the SIM card to process the refund depending on the issue.

Our Refund Policy Don’t Apply To:

  • If the SIM card is not functional due to the handset you are using is locked or incompatible with the provider.
  • Not contacting us to communicate the issue during the trip or only contacting us after the trip. For any refunds to be provided you MUST contact us and allow us to troubleshoot the issue (this means contacting us when you are overseas via WiFi at the airport, hotel or Cafe).
  • You lost your phone – unfortunately there is no fault with the product in this case.
  • You activated the SIM too early and the SIM expires before your trip ends.
  • You forgot to change the activation date for your SIM and the date has passed, we make it very clear and emphasise contacting us at least 5 business days before activation to get this changed.
  • You changed your mind, found the product cheaper somewhere else, or decided you don’t like the purchase or had no use for it.
  • You did not read the product page information when purchasing and expected different features, we ask customers to please read the product page carefully about the details of the SIM / eSIM of what is included.  e.g. If you have purchased a data-only SIM and expected calls or, If you have purchased a Movistar/Vodafone SIM and you don’t like how it is in Spanish, even though it is a Spanish SIM!

eSIM Purchases

  • Some of our eSIM purchases are final once it has been sent via email, this include all Europe eSIM, World Explorer eSIM, all eSIM by 3HK including South Korea 15GB/30GB, Indonesia 15GB/30GB, China, HK & Macau eSIMs, Unlimited eSIMs for Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnamobile and Viettel eSIMs. Please make your purchase carefully as no refunds will be provided once the eSIM is sent.
  • No refunds will be provided if you purchased an eSIM and your handset does not have eSIM functionality (please double check before you buy or contact us if you are unsure).

You acknowledge that your SIM Card / eSIM is used to access various telecommunications networks around the world and that those telecommunications networks are provided by third parties not associated with TravelKon.

Change of Mind Please note we do not usually offer refunds for change of mind, however we understand that each case is unique.   Therefore, we may provide a refund for change of mind purchases and claims will be reviewed on case by case basis, please contact us with your order number and the reason for return. We will only provide a refund if the SIM has not been taken out of the packaging and the SIM must have at least 3 months expiry left. For eSIM purchases, it must not be scanned or activated (apart from eSIM purchases that are non-refundable, see the individual product page for more information).   Please note that all change of mind refunds will be subject to a 10% restocking fee unless otherwise stated.   TIP: If we have approved your refund request and you have kept our envelope, you can return the physical SIM card on the same envelope free of charge if you write “Return to Sender (RTS)”. Please note if you no longer have our envelope, any postage will be borne by you, we are also not responsible for any lost package, i.e. we will only provide refund if we physically received the SIM back (using tracked postage is highly recommended). 

Refund Claim Form
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