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Why buy a Prepaid Travel SIM and eSIM?

Bid farewell to costly roaming fees and choppy data signals on your holiday trips, and say hello to uninterrupted connectivity with TravelKon.
With our travel SIM card and eSIM solutions, you’ll stay connected wherever you roam, effortlessly sharing your adventures with loved ones and accessing essential services while on the move.



Relax and enjoy your travel the moment you land. No more running around the airport working up a sweat while looking for an eSIM card — you're connected as soon as you step off the plane; it’s that simple! This convenience allows you to travel smart, stay in touch with your loved ones, access maps and make necessary arrangements right from the get-go.



Say goodbye to roaming charges; our 'plug and play' SIMs and eSIMs are priced competitively. That's one less thing to worry about.​ With TravelKon, there’s no need to stress about blowing your budget or returning home to a surprise bill that breaks the bank. Along with excellent connectivity worldwide, you’ll have complete control over your spending as you can choose the amount of data, talk time and text messages you need in advance.


Stay Connected hassle-free

Whether it is for work or a holiday, you can do it anytime and anywhere while sharing your travel experiences in the moment. With a prepaid travel SIM and eSIM, you can make calls, send texts and use mobile data as you explore the globe, so you're always reachable and can reach out to others when needed. Don't forget to post that photo or send that email!

Customer Reviews

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Image #1 from HieuImage #2 from HieuImage #3 from HieuImage #4 from HieuImage #5 from Hieu
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Convenient and easy!

We were travelling to Vietnam and South Korea for 2 weeks and bought this SIM card before we left. The physical SIM card arrived within a few days. When we arrived in Vietnam, it was pretty much plug, turn on roaming, wait 5 mins, and we were ready to go with a 4G connection. The experience was the same when we arrived in South Korea.

Having the SIM was so convenient for our late arrivals at each country as we were able to use data to book Grab or check downloaded apps without needing to buy a SIM locally at the airport.

Only feedback would be to be notified when we are reaching our data limit as we ran out of data on the last day of our trip and had to use local wifi.

6 months ago
Video #1 from AnonymousImage #1 from AnonymousImage #2 from AnonymousImage #3 from Anonymous
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Easy to activate and no issues with access whilst travelling around Taiwan

4 months ago
Image #1 from Jude NichollsImage #2 from Jude NichollsImage #3 from Jude Nicholls
Jude Nicholls
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

I had always had trouble with SIM cards and when at first the eSIM didn’t work I was disappointed but with an EXTREMELY PROMPT reply from the help chat line the problem was corrected and I never looked back. It was my mistake loading incorrectly. I ordered 3 more month long eSIM and they worked perfectly. Thank you. Great service, especially when I needed it. These 3 eSIMs worked in Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and UK perfectly.

2 months ago
Image #1 from ShamanthaImage #2 from Shamantha
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Value for money and excellent customer service with prompt after sales support through whatsapp. Very fast shipping to deliver SIM well in time for the trip

2 weeks ago
Image #1 from William C.Image #2 from William C.
William C.
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Working well as soon as I landed. Thanks!

1 month ago
Image #1 from WilsonImage #2 from Wilson
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Currently in Japan using this sim. Works well in all the areas I have visited in Tokyo, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto and have not had any issues so far with congestion in tourist areas like others in my group who bought travel sims elsewhere.

3 months ago
Image #1 from NicholasImage #2 from Nicholas
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

Was easy to get the esim working when I landed at Narita using the airport wifi and it has worked perfectly during my travels - taking in mainly Tokyo, Nagano and Nozawa Onsen.

4 months ago
Image #1 from EncarnacionImage #2 from Encarnacion
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

I had no any issues with my texts, sending pictures, especially downloads. The messenger & signal voice calls was fantastic. I will highly recommend this product not just for the service but also for a good price. Wonderful ❤️

5 months ago
Image #1 from AnonymousImage #2 from Anonymous
Verified BuyerVerified Buyer

i was struggling to find the right plan and i went through so many places and i sceptical about all including this one. but i bought it on the day i was leaving and it was super easy to set up and use currently still on the plan and absolutely love it no troubles what so ever i definitely recommend.

11 months ago

Our story

We love traveling around the world and one day one of our friends just had to buy his sim card at the airport for double the price in town. We thought the price was outrageous and definitely could do better!

So we thought why not use our travel expertise to use and start selling sim cards in Australia to help our fellow travelers. We can guarantee transparency, provide convenience and competitive prices!

How it works

1. Order your sim card online.
2. The sim card will be delivered to your home.

3. Fly and insert your sim card when you land.*

That’s it! As easy as that.


*Some Sim Card may require activation please refer to the description on the product page.


Frequently Asked Questions

A travel SIM card or eSIM is the best way to stay connected while travelling. They offer great value for your money since you don’t have to pay roaming charges and are guaranteed excellent connectivity wherever your next travel destination is.

Even better, when you buy a travel SIM Card or travel eSIM with TravelKon, it’s an extremely simple process. Just choose your destination, your desired data and number of days. We can deliver to your home or eSIM is delivered instantly via email for the ultimate convenience.

Choose a travel SIM or eSIM according to the countries you are visiting. We have various SIM and eSIM options that can even cover multiple countries! Make sure the SIM or eSIMs cover the duration of your entire trip and provide enough data usage for your needs.

Whether you’re working while travelling or visiting every country on your bucket list, TravelKon has travel SIM and travel eSIM options to meet your every need.

All you have to do is insert your travel SIM into your device when you’ve landed at your destination. For our travel eSIM, it is sent instantly via email and all you need to do is scan the QR code! Most of our travel SIMs and eSIMs are automatically activated once it is connected to the local network, but if there are any further steps to activate your SIM or eSIM, they can be found on our website — simply look at your specific travel SIM or eSIM’s product page for more information.

TravelKon ensures a seamless and easy experience until the very end of your travel plans. If you experience any issues while using your travel SIM or eSIM, you can follow our troubleshooting guide or contact our friendly customer service via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Travel SIM and eSIM cards are a superior option when you’re on holiday because they’re simple to use and allow you to manage your connectivity costs. You save money on roaming costs and with TravelKon, you can easily manage your coverage needs and any issues with our top-notch customer support.

If you’re using a mobile phone that doesn’t have dual SIM capabilities, you won’t be able to use your home number with your travel SIM or eSIM. However, with TravelKon’s travel SIM and eSIM and its’ extensive data coverage, your family and friends back home can still easily reach you through other online messaging services such as WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessage.

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