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travelkon rewards

Earn points by logging in or registering at: https://www.travelkon.com.au/my-account/.

Once logged in, below, you’ll have access to your earned points, a personalised referral link, and details on how to redeem your rewards.”

Ways to earn rewards

Spend $1, Earn 1 point

1 point for each $1.00 spent

Get 1 point for every $1 spent!

Refer a Friend

You get points : 50
Your friend gets points : 50

Refer a friend, score 50 points each! Double the joy, double the rewards! (When your friend makes a minimum purchase of $50 on their first purchase) Show moreShow less

rewards opportunities

100 points for $10 coupon

Spend 100 points and get $10 coupon. (One-time use)

150 points for $15 coupon

Spend 150 points and get $15 coupon. (One-time use)

200 points for $20 coupon

Spend 200 points and get $20 coupon. (One-time use)

250 points for $25 coupon

Spend 250 points and get $25 coupon. (One-time use)

300 points for $30 coupon

Spend 300 points and get $30 coupon. (One-time use)

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