Hop on an exciting journey across the vibrant landscapes of Asia, where every turn offers a new adventure. From the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the exotic food of Thailand, Asia is a mosaic of experiences waiting to be explored. And with our Asia SIM card, you’re always just a click away from sharing these incredible moments.

Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and always be in touch — whether you’re posting snapshots of the Great Wall or video calling from your luxurious villa in Bali. Our Asia SIM card provides stable, high-speed data 24/7 and crystal-clear calls. We are the premier solution for Aussie travellers looking to avoid hefty roaming charges. What’s more our Asia SIM card works in multiple countries so you only need the one SIM!

On the off chance that you encounter issues, you can reach us anytime via WhatsApp and Messenger — our customer service is nearly 24-hour responsive! With value surpassing most competitors, our Asia SIM cards are your key to staying connected and making the most of your Asian escapade.


What is an Asia SIM card?

An Asia SIM card is a prepaid data-only SIM specially designed for travellers in Asia. It provides access to affordable data across various Asian countries. This SIM card is an ideal solution for Australians looking to stay connected without the high costs of international roaming.

What are the benefits of using an Asia SIM card?

The primary benefits of an Asia SIM card include uninterrupted connectivity, cost-effective rates and ease of use. You’ll enjoy stable, high-speed internet access and clear voice calls via VoIP, ideal for navigation, communication and sharing your travel experiences. It saves you from exorbitant roaming charges, making your travel budget-friendly. With an Asia SIM card, you won’t need to constantly look for WiFi to stay connected.

We also have plans covering multiple countries, up to 12 to be exact! So you do not need to worry about finding a SIM for each country as our Asia SIM card will work seamlessly!

How do I choose the right Asia SIM card for me?

To select the right Asia SIM card, consider your travel itinerary, data needs and length of stay. We offer various packages for different travel durations and data requirements. Whether you’re a light user or need extensive data for work and social media, we have a plan that suits your needs. To start, simply choose your destination country from the catalogue above and browse the available packages we have for that country. Please reach out to us for tailored advice.

How do I activate an Asia SIM card?

Activating your Asia SIM card is straightforward. Insert the SIM into your phone upon arrival in Asia, and it will automatically be activated.


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