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Explore Japan with unrivalled connectivity with our Japan SIM card and eSIM. With TravelKon, you can stay connected throughout your journey and enjoy reliable data with great coverage.

Choose the option that suits your travel needs, and experience a hassle-free connection with TravelKon. With our fast delivery and a live chat human customer service team to assist you throughout your trip, your adventure in Japan will surely be worry-free. Our live chat agents are available around the clock with lightning-fast response time.

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What are the different types of Japan SIM cards and eSIMs? 

TravelKon has Japan SIM cards and Japan eSIM cards compatible with all unlocked mobile phones. Choose from our data-only plans with one-month, two-week, one-week or one-day coverages in Japan. We also have multiple-destination Japan SIMs or eSIMs valid throughout Asia and a year-long coverage plan that can be used in over 100 destinations.

For eSIM compatibility information and activation instructions, simply click on the Japan eSIM card product you’re interested in.

Where can I buy a Japan SIM card and eSIM?You can easily purchase a Japan SIM or eSIM from TravelKon’s website. Physical SIM cards will be delivered to your home, while our eSIM options will be instantly sent via email! How convenient!

How do I activate a Japan SIM or eSIM?

Most of our Japan SIM and eSIM options activate automatically a few minutes after you insert the SIM into your phone or when the eSIM is scanned/installed. Please note our IIJ eSIM may require manual APN input (vmobile.jp). We also have a troubleshooting guide and live chat customer support for your convenience.

How much does it cost to use a Japan SIM or eSIM?

All you pay for is the coverage plan you choose, plus any expedited shipping fee for a physical SIM card. TravelKon guarantees Japan SIM and eSIM at competitive rates with no hidden fees.

What are the benefits of using a Japan SIM or eSIM?

Besides saving on data roaming costs, using a Japan SIM or eSIM works with all three major operators in Japan, namely NTT Docomo, Softbank and KDDI. This means you will have coverage in almost all of Japan! Our IIJ eSIM will only work with the IIJ Docomo network, which also has great coverage throughout Japan.

Overall, you have more freedom of movement with a Japan SIM or eSIM and can budget your connectivity expenses with TravelKon’s various coverage options.

What are the drawbacks of using a Japan SIM card or eSIM?

If your mobile phone lacks dual SIM capabilities, you can’t use your home number alongside your Japan SIM or eSIM. Nevertheless, our Japan SIM or eSIMs boast wide-ranging data coverage, so your family and friends back home can readily reach you through various online messaging services such as WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessage.

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