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New Zealand eSIM Unlimited Lite | 1GB Daily + Unlimited at 5 Mbps | Data-Only | 3 – 30 Days


1GB daily high-speed
Unlimited data at 5Mbps
Up to 30 Days
Data Only
Use within 90 days
For use in New Zealand



What’s Included?

  • Unlimited Data*
  • 1GB daily high-speed data then Unlimited Data at 5Mbps*
  • 4G/LTE Speed
  • 3 – 30 days of service from activation
  • For use in New Zealand
  • Hotspot/Tethering enabled
  • How do eSIMs work? Check our eSIM setup guide
    • Purchase your eSIM plan, QR code will be sent instantly via email
    • Scan the QR code to add the eSIM to your eSIM compatible phone
    • Turn on data roaming to use the eSIM
  • eSIM must connect to supported network and be used within 90 days of purchase

Thing’s to know

  • This eSIM’s provider is Plus Poland
  • Plan starts when eSIM connects to supported network
  • No ID registration needed
  • No calls or texts included (data-only eSIM)
  • Coverage on One NZ / Vodafone network
  • Compatible with unlocked eSIM-enabled phones (with EID numbers)
  • Check data usage online

Important Notes

  • Adding the eSIM outside the coverage country may result in a “failed activation,” which is normal. The eSIM will activate once you reach your destination.
  • Turn off the eSIM line and do not turn on data roaming until you reach your destination.
  • Haven’t received your eSIM? Check your junk mail or reach out to us
  • Check network coverage in your intended travel areas; Coverage issues are outside our control and we do not offer refunds.

Unlimited Lite Product Line

  • At TravelKon, we believe in clear and honest communication. Some sellers advertise ‘unlimited data‘ loosely. If you encounter ambiguous language about potential data slowdowns due to factors beyond their control and assurances that speeds will normalise the next day, it indicates undisclosed daily usage caps. Reducing the speed to 128Kbps without disclosure is misleading and barely enough for basic messaging!
  • Our Unlimited Lite plan truly means unlimited at 5Mbps – sufficient for Google maps, browsing, email, social media and video streaming.
    • For example, downloading files for one hour at 5Mbps uses approximately 2.2GB of data

Troubleshooting Guide

eSIM not working? Don’t stress! Follow this guide to get you up and running.

  1. Disable VPN and any secondary SIM/eSIM lines (for dual SIM phones)
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi and disable airplane mode before scanning the eSIM
  3. Confirm mobile data is sourced from our eSIM (i.e. the correct eSIM profile is selected)
  4. Turn data roaming on (Android: select all network)
  5. Wait up to 10 minutes for activation to occur
  6. APN: plus | Username: [blank] | Password: [blank] (Android: select manually)
  7. Turn off automatic network selection and manually choose from the list below.
  8. Restart your phone and/or turn on and off airplane mode
  9. Still not working? Chat with us live, we’re here to help!

We are not affiliated with the network provider. Data allowance may change without notice; check our website for updates.

Network Operator(s) List

  • New Zealand [One NZ / Vodafone]

List of eSIM Supported Handsets (not exhaustive)

Additional information




3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30





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