Top 5 Travel eSIMs provider for Europe and UK

Stay connected during your trip to the UK & Europe with a travel SIM card

Planning a trip to Europe or the UK? Don’t forget to equip yourself with the best travel eSIM or SIM card for the UK and Europe to stay connected while you’re there!

Sure, your hotel might offer Wi-Fi, but having your own internet access is always convenient, especially when you’re on the move. Any savvy traveller knows to avoid roaming, as it can rack up hefty fees! That’s where travel eSIMs/SIM cards come in handy. Simply scan the eSIM or insert the physical SIM card into your phone, and you’re good to go as soon as you touch down. Plus, you won’t have to worry about overspending since you can choose the amount of data, talk time, and text options upfront.

Join us as we explore the finest travel eSIMs and SIM cards for Europe and the UK, enabling you to select the ideal one for your adventures!

Choosing the Best eSIM & SIM Card for UK & Europe

Factors to Consider

When selecting the best eSIM and SIM card for UK and Europe travel, consider factors such as network coverage in different countries, especially if you’re travelling to multiple destinations, data plans customised to your usage patterns (including browsing, streaming, and navigation needs), cost-effectiveness, device compatibility with eSIM technology, plan flexibility for top-ups or adjustments, quality of customer support, especially while travelling, and any additional features like voice and calls inclusion options that enhance your overall experience.

Here are some factors to consider that can assist you in narrowing down your choices:

1. Customer Support

Having reliable customer service is like having a safety net, especially when travelling across time zones. You might assume that everything will run smoothly as long as you have your travel eSIM or SIM card. However, issues such as misplacing your card, having it stolen, or experiencing difficulty connecting to the network can happen at any time.

That’s why it’s wise to choose providers who offer support through various communication channels, such as live chat on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and that are known for providing timely responses. This ensures you can receive prompt assistance whenever you need it!

2. User Reviews

You’ve probably experienced it yourself—there are products that don’t live up to their promises. Therefore, checking out user reviews and experiences can be incredibly useful when deciding on the right UK & Europe travel eSIM or SIM card.

User reviews provide genuine insights from fellow travellers into the reliability of a service provider and the performance of their eSIM and SIM card. So, take the time to scan reviews from sites such as Google Review,, Trustpilot, or Product Hunt.

3. Network Coverage

Consider your destination: are you off to explore Western European gems like France, Germany, and Italy? Or perhaps you’re eyeing a trip to Southeastern Europe, with Turkey on your list?

Choose providers that offer plans tailored to your destination. There’s no need to splurge on coverage for an entire region if you’re only visiting a few countries.

4. Data Plans

Whether you’re using your phone casually to stay connected with family while travelling or relying heavily on it for Zoom calls, choosing a provider that offers data packages and usage limits tailored to your needs is crucial.

Aim to secure enough data similar to what you typically use in your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. It’s a good idea to go beyond this amount, especially if you’ll heavily rely on your phone for navigation and other essentials. Additionally, be mindful of any speed restrictions that would lower your internet speed once it surpasses certain limits.

5. Validity Periods

The easiest way to choose the right validity period for your travel needs is to match it with your trip duration. However, if you’re a frequent traveller, you can consider providers like TravelKon, which offer plans with up to 365 days of validity and provide extensive coverage.

Additionally, you never know when you’ll want—or have—to extend your trip. So, make sure you choose a provider that allows you to top up your travel eSIM or SIM card anytime during your stay.

6. Cost and Value

Different providers offer various plans: some charge only for what you use, while others provide prepaid deals. If convenience in billing and automatic payment is your preference, postpaid is the way to go. However, if you prioritise cost efficiency, prepaid travel eSIM and SIM cards are excellent options, allowing you to control expenses better by paying upfront for the data you need.

There are also unlimited data and minutes options available for selection. Are you planning a short trip? If so, consider opting for limited travel eSIM or SIM cards with fixed data, calls, and texts. However, if you’re a frequent traveller or planning an extended journey, unlimited plans may offer better value.

P.S. Be cautious of sneaky additional costs such as activation fees or hidden charges. You can identify these by either reading the Terms & Conditions (boring, we know) or checking other users’ reviews!

Comparison of the Best Travel SIM Cards for the UK and Europe

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1. TravelKon

If you’re in search of a travel eSIM or SIM card that offers exceptional service, unbeatable connectivity, and excellent value for money, TravelKon should undoubtedly be your top choice.

With TravelKon, you can enjoy prompt and efficient customer service available round-the-clock, responding to your queries within minutes. Accessible via live chat (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) and email, TravelKon’s support team operates daily from 6:30 AM to 11:59 PM Australian Western Standard Time (GMT+8).

Don’t just take our word for it – countless customers rave about their service, praising its helpfulness and quick response, even beyond regular business hours. It’s no surprise that TravelKon boasts impressive ratings of 4.8 on and a perfect 5.0 on Google Review!

Whether it’s a short vacation or a long-term adventure across European countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, or the Balkans, they’ve got you covered with their selection of Europe & UK travel SIM cards and eSIMs, all offered at an affordable price.

For instance, you can get 10 GB of data that lasts for 30 days for only $30 with their Three UK and Europe SIM Card. If you prefer an eSIM, you can also opt for 50 GB of data lasting for 28 days at just $89 with their Orange Europe & UK eSIM.

Explore TravelKon’s UK & Europe travel SIM card offerings*:

  • Giffgaff UK 30 Days and Europe 14 Days SIM Card | 30GB | Unlimited Call & Text (UK Only): $29.00
  • Vodafone Europe, UK & Turkey SIM Card | 16GB – 22GB | Voice Calls | 28 Days: $42.00
  • USA SIM Card | 16GB / 22GB | Data-Only | 27 Days | Includes European Destinations: $42.00
  • Three UK and Europe SIM Card | 100GB | Unlimited Calls & Text | 30 Days | 71 Destinations: $49.00
  • World Explorer SIM Card | 13GB* | Data-Only | 365 Days: $85.00

Also, discover TravelKon’s UK & Europe travel eSIM offerings*:

  • Vodafone Europe, UK & Turkey eSIM | 51GB | Data-Only | 15 Days | $65
  • USA, Europe, UK, Israel & Turkey eSIM 40 Countries | 1GB | Data-Only | 14 Days | $9
  • USA, Europe, UK, Israel & Turkey eSIM 40 Countries | 3 – 25GB | Data-Only | 30 Days | $20-55
  • USA, Europe, UK, Israel & Turkey eSIM 40 Countries | 35GB | Data-Only | 365 Days | $95
  • Orange Europe & UK eSIM 41 Countries | 12GB | Unlimited Calls & Text | 14 Days | $39
  • Orange Europe & UK eSIM 41 Countries | 30GB | Unlimited Calls & Text | 14 Days | $69
  • Europe & UK eSIM 42 Countries | 15GB | Unlimited Calls | 15 Days | $50
  • AIS Global Explorer eSIM 140+ Countries | 6GB | Data-Only | 15 Days | $54
  • Orange Global Explorer eSIM 124+ Countries | Up to 10GB* | Data-Only | 14 Days | $59
  • World Explorer eSIM | 13GB | Data-Only | 365 Days | $85
  • Europe, UK & Turkey eSIM 44 Countries | 500 MB | Data-Only | 1 Day | $3.99

*All prices are in AUD and rates are correct as per 18 April 2024

2. Airalo

Another option worth considering is Airalo. With Airalo, you can customise your eSIM package according to your destination, selecting from various data plans, costs, and durations. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Europe & the UK, you can opt for their 50 GB eSIM plan – although compared to other providers offering the same amount, it comes at a hefty price of $154.10 since they only offer one that is valid for 90 days. Just make sure you make a wise choice when selecting a plan.

Here are the Europe & UK eSIM packages available from Airalo:

  • Eurolink 39 Countries | 1 GB | 7 Days | $7.70
  • Eurolink 39 Countries | 3 GB | 30 Days | $20
  • Eurolink 39 Countries | 5 GB | 30 Days | $30.80
  • Eurolink 39 Countries | 10 GB | 30 Days | $57
  • Eurolink 39 Countries | 50 GB | 90 Days | $154.10
  • Eurolink 39 Countries | 100 GB | 180 Days | $285

Despite the variety of packages offered to suit your needs, it’s important to note that some customers have reported connectivity issues with Airalo, as indicated on review platforms such as TrustPilot and Product Hunt, where they received an average rating of 2.4 and 1.7, respectively. Therefore, to mitigate potential issues during your trip, consider reaching out to the provider for more information.

*All prices are in AUD and rates are correct as per 18 April 2024

3. Simify/SimDirect

Another option worth considering, particularly if you value strong connectivity, affordability, and responsive after-sales customer support, is Simify—formerly known as Simdirect. They provide a variety of plans for the UK and Europe, although their selection of data plans and validity periods is somewhat limited compared to other providers.

For those seeking a 10GB data plan valid for 30 days, Simify offers a Europe & UK SIM Card priced at $31. Alternatively, if you own eSIM compatible device, you can choose their Europe & UK eSIM, which includes 50 GB of data valid for 30 days at $119.

Other Simify SIM card options for travellers to the UK and Europe are as follows:

  • Europe & UK Travel SIM Card | 10 GB | 30 Days | $31
  • Europe & UK Travel SIM Card | 12 GB | 30 Days | $35
  • Explorer Travel SIM Card | 12 GB | 386 Days | $89

As for Simify’s eSIM options:

  • Europe & UK eSIM (35 Countries) | 50 GB | 30 Days | $199
  • Europe & UK eSIM (50 Countries) | 30 GB | 30 Days | $79
  • Unlimited Europe & UK eSIM (33 Countries) | Unlimited Data* | 90 Days | $249

Despite boasting impressive ratings of 4.7 on Google Review and 4.4 on, recent customer reviews have revealed the presence of “hidden data caps” of 2GB per day on their unlimited plans. Users on unlimited data plans experience a significant drop in speed to 128 Kbps—barely sufficient even for basic messaging—after reaching the 2GB per day limit..

Given their lack of transparency, we advise you to think twice before purchasing any Simify plans, particularly if you’re looking for an unlimited connectivity option. Their prices are also on the higher side compared to others.

*All prices are in AUD and rates are correct as per 18 April 2024

4. Holafly

If you’re seeking another option for a data-only travel eSIM package, Holafly could be worth considering. Many users have found them to be a worthwhile investment, rating them 4.7 on Google Review and 4.6 on TrustPilot.

Holafly provides customised packages for connectivity in over 160 destinations, including 32 European countries. However, for Europe itself, Holafly exclusively offers unlimited data plans priced at $9 per day. So, for example, on a 30-day trip, you would need to pay a hefty $450 for an eSIM. Making their services comparatively pricier than those of other providers on this list. Beware of hidden daily data caps as well for their unlimited plans, we recommend reaching out to Holafly for further clarification.

*All prices are in AUD and rates are correct as per 18 April 2024

5. Simcorner

Simcorner offers a practical solution for your travel eSIM and SIM card needs, boasting a diverse array of options for UK and Europe travel SIM cards and eSIMs. With a variety of packages available, they cater to various data plans, durations, and budgets.

For instance, you can get 10 GB of data valid for 30 days for $32 with their Europe & UK Travel SIM Card. Alternatively, if you prefer an eSIM, you can opt for 30 GB of data lasting 30 days for just $74 with their Europe & UK eSIM.

However, for those who prioritise customer feedback, it’s worth taking a look at their ratings on Google and Despite consistently earning 4.5 stars, some users have found the setup a bit tricky and felt that support was lacking. Therefore, it might be wise to reach out to them directly for clarity on support options.

Also, discover TravelKon’s UK & Europe travel eSIM offerings*:

*All prices are in AUD and rates are correct as per 18 April 2024

Choosing a Travel SIM Card for UK & Europe Trip

As you’ve seen from the article, there are several factors you should consider when choosing a UK & Europe travel eSIM and SIM card. Some offer various plans but have unresponsive customer support, while others provide a decent customer experience but offer limited or pricey plans.

But if you’re in search of a provider that offers comprehensive features, including responsive customer support, cost effective options, diverse plan selections, and positive user feedback, then TravelKon emerges as the optimal choice. Need assistance with our product? Feel free to inquire right here!

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