Best France eSIMs for Paris 2024 Olympics

Stay connected while watching soccer at Paris 2024 Olympics

Planning your trip to the Paris 2024 Olympics and looking for the best eSIM card to keep you connected?

The Summer Olympics are all about amazing athleticism, offering a chance to see the world’s best compete in various sports. But to make the most of your time in Paris, having the right eSIM is crucial. After all, you’ll need a dependable internet connection to navigate the city and share your amazing experiences with friends and family, right?

But why choose a travel eSIM? And which provider is the best for you? In this guide, we’ll explain why travel eSIMs are the top choice for Olympic travellers and give you a list of the best travel and local eSIMs for Paris 2024. So keep scrolling to learn more!

France eSIM for Paris 2024 Olympics

Why should I get an eSIM for the Paris 2024 Olympics?

For the Paris 2024 Olympics, consider using an eSIM for an affordable and convenient way to stay connected. Whether it’s the travel or local one, there are plenty of providers offering various plans to suit your needs.

Think about it: you’ve already spent a ton on tickets, flights, and accommodations. The last thing you want is to get hit with high roaming charges. Plus, traditional roaming plans might limit you to slow 3G speeds. That’s where eSIMs come in to save the day. They offer access to France’s fast 4G/LTE or even 5G networks without extra fees.

Activating an eSIM is also easy. Just purchase your eSIM plan online before you travel, install the eSIM profile provided by your chosen operator or carrier upon arrival, and you’re instantly connected. This way, you can navigate the city, share your Olympic adventures, and stay in touch with loved ones right away!

1. Travel eSIM


If you want to stay connected as soon as you step off the plane for the Paris 2024 Olympics, consider TravelKon. They’re an Australian provider offering eSIMs that balance competitive prices with excellent connectivity in over 180 countries, including France.

One of TravelKon’s standout features is their customer service. Need help setting up your eSIM or have questions about data usage? Their support team is available daily via email and live chat (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), ready to assist you within minutes. They’ve got impressive ratings too—a perfect 5.0 on Google Reviews and whopping 4.8 stars on—proving their dedication to helping travellers stay connected anytime, anywhere.

TravelKon offers various France-specific eSIM plans, as well as broader European options for those planning to visit other countries. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you choose:

For light data users:

  • France 1GB eSIM (7 Days): AU$5.00

Need more data in France?

  • France 5G eSIM (3GB – 30GB for 30 days): AU$9.00 – AU$49.00
  • France 5G eSIM (60GB for 60 days): AU$85.00

Travelling beyond France?

  • Orange Europe & UK eSIM (41 Countries):
    • 12GB with Unlimited Calls & Text (14 Days): AU$39.00
    • 30GB with Unlimited Calls & Text (14 Days): AU$69.00
    • 50GB with Unlimited Calls & Text (28 Days): AU$89.00
  • Europe & UK eSIM (42 Countries) 15GB with Unlimited Calls (15 Days): AU$50.00

Planning to visit other continents too?

  • Vodafone Europe, UK & Turkey eSIM (51 Countries) 51GB Data-Only (15 Days): AU$65.00
  • Europe, UK, Israel & Turkey 5G eSIM (40 Countries) 1GB Daily + Unlimited at 5 Mbps (3 – 30 Days): AU$25.00 – AU$135.00

With TravelKon, you’re not just getting an eSIM; you’re getting peace of mind knowing their reliable network and responsive customer service is there to ensure smooth connection throughout your Olympic adventure. For more details on their France eSIMs, click here.


As an alternative to staying connected during your summer Olympics adventure, Airalo offers eSIM packages with a unique feature. Airalo allows you to connect to the networks of three major French operators: Orange, Bouygues, and SFR, which can be useful if you’re visiting a rural area.
Airalo offers three main eSIM plans for France: Bonbon Mobile, Eurolink, and Discover(+):

  • Bonbon Mobile:
    • Coverage: France-only coverage
    • Data: 1GB/week – 20GB/month
    • Price: AU$6.50 – AU$54
  • Eurolink:
    • Coverage: France and 38 other European countries
    • Data: 1GB/7 days – 100GB/180 days
    • Price: AU$7.50 – AU$277
  • Discover(+)
    • Coverage: Over 125 countries, including France
    • Data: 1GB/week – 20GB/year
    • Price: AU$13.50 – AU$133.50

However, there is something to consider. Setting up your eSIM requires downloading the Airalo app, so make sure you have space on your phone and a way to connect initially (perhaps using airport Wi-Fi, which can be a hassle).


Another option you might want to consider is Holafly. They offer two types of plans for your Paris trip: France-specific and Europe-wide options. Each type includes eight plan choices, ranging from unlimited data for 5 to 90 days. Prices start at AU$28.50 and go up to AU$148.50.

Here’s the important part: both the France and Europe plans cost the same. So, if you’re planning to travel to other European countries along with France, opting for the Europe eSIM could save you money compared to buying separate plans.

It’s important to note that Holafly’s plans aren’t entirely “unlimited”. They have a Fair Use Policy, meaning if you exceed a certain limit in a day, your connection speed might slow down for 24 hours until it resets.

2. Local eSIM


Orange, a major European mobile network, offers eSIMs for France with decent network coverage that ensures reliable signals across most areas of the country. Their eSIMs also deliver stable speeds, perfect for sharing real-time updates and results during the Olympics.

Now, let’s dive into the plans. Orange provides options tailored to your data needs. The Orange Holiday Europe eSIM is available in two sizes: 50GB for approximately $90, valid for 28 days, and 20GB for about AU$75, lasting 14 days. For lighter data users, the Orange Holiday Zen eSIM offers 8GB for around AU$45, also valid for 14 days.

Keep in mind, these eSIMs are relatively pricey compared to some competitors. If you’re looking to benefit from Orange’s extensive coverage and stable speeds at a lower cost, consider TravelKon packages.

Bouygues Telecom

For those looking forward to catching all the action from the Olympics, starting from the Opening Ceremony right through to the Closing Ceremony, Bouygues Telecom has a tempting eSIM offer. Their My European eSIM includes 30GB of data, so you can share photos, videos, and updates during your trip. It also comes with unlimited calls and texts within Europe, staying active for 30 days, all for about AU$60.00.

However, there’s a catch: you can only activate it within France. If your European journey begins elsewhere, you’ll have to wait until you’re in France to get connected. Additionally, while Bouygues claims good coverage in cities, some reviews suggest that rural areas may experience spotty service.


SFR, another leading French telecom company, provides several eSIM packages to suit various needs:

  • Planning a quick trip to the Games?
    Their 5-day plan offers 3GB for just around AU$7.50
  • Need more data to explore the city?
    Try their 10GB plan for around AU$15, valid for 8 days
  • For longer stays
    Their 30-day plans are ideal, with options like 35GB for around AU$37.50 or a generous 70GB for around AU$52.50.

However, it’s important to note that while SFR’s coverage and speed are decent, they aren’t necessarily the top performers in France. Orange, for instance, boasts slightly better coverage, and Bouygues edges them out in speed.

Free Mobile

If you’re heading to the Paris Olympics and need a budget-friendly way to stay connected, check out Free Mobile’s eSIM option. For just AU$15, you get 300GB of data for a month.

But here’s the deal – you need to visit a physical store to order the eSIM with the help of a store advisor. Since the in-app instructions are in French, it might also be challenging if you don’t speak the language.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which eSIM Should I Get? 

Local eSIMs offer reliable and speedy internet at a cheaper price, but they come with a few downsides. For starters, you might need to buy them when you reach your destination, which could mean delays or fewer choices depending on what’s in stock.

For a smoother experience, we suggest going for a travel eSIM. You can buy these online from different providers before you set off, guaranteeing you’re connected as soon as you arrive. Plus, options like TravelKon offer budget-friendly prices, giving you both convenience and affordability in one shot!

Is My Phone eSIM Compatible?

To find out if your phone supports eSIM, first, see if it’s listed on the eSIM-compatible phone list here.

If it’s not there, you can still check by finding your phone’s EID number. Just dial *#06# on your phone’s dialer or look in your phone’s settings under “About Phone” for the EID number. Alternatively, see if there’s an “Add eSIM” option available. If you find your EID number or the “Add eSIM” option, congratulations, your phone is eSIM-ready!

P.S. TravelKon also has SIM card plans for you whose gadget is not eSIM compatible. Check out TravelKon’s Europe SIM card and stay connected throughout your Paris 2024 Olympics trip!

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