Your Complete Guide to 2024 Olympics Trip

A woman athlete in the Olympics
A woman athlete in the Olympics

Thinking about attending the Paris 2024 Olympics? Get ready for your trip like a champion with our guide, covering everything from match dates to finding a place to stay.

The Paris 2024 Olympics are right around the corner, flaunting the motto “Games Wide Open” – promising a more inclusive, exciting, and innovative experience for everyone involved. Picture the vibrant atmosphere as 10,500 top-tier athletes from 206 countries gather in the City of Lights. Also, with a staggering 300,000 spectator capacity, you definitely won’t want to miss out on being a part of this monumental event!

But, hold on! Before you book your ticket and flight, let’s ensure your trip goes off smoothly. Curious about when the Games start or how to get around the city? From key dates and game locations to accommodation and transportation options, dive into our comprehensive article for everything you need to know about the Paris 2024 Olympics!

Your Guide to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

When is the Paris 2024 Olympics?

After a century (the last Paris Olympic was held back in 1924), the Summer Games are finally returning to the City of Light! This year, the festivity begins on July 24, 2024, with preliminary rounds and qualification matches in sports like football and rugby. The official opening ceremony, filled with music, athletes, and celebrations, will take place two days later, on July 26th, along the beautiful Seine River.

Then, from July 26th to August 11th, the main event unfolds. Over 10,000 athletes will battle it out in 329 competitions across 32 different sports, all striving for that coveted Olympic gold medal! But the sporting excitement doesn’t end there! The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games start right after, on August 28th, and run until September 8th.

Where will the games be held?

While many events will be held in Paris, the Olympic spirit will spread far beyond the city limits! A total of 80 venues across France will be used, with 40 in the greater Paris area, 10 in the surrounding Île-de-France region, and 30 scattered throughout the country.

Even within the City of Love, the excitement won’t be concentrated in one spot. Twenty venues, equally divided between the Olympics and Paralympics, are situated in central Paris and its immediate surroundings. The competition extends into nearby suburbs like Les Yvelines and Seine-St-Denis.

Outside of Paris, cities like Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, St-Etienne, Nice, and Marseille will also become venues for some games like soccer, handball, basketball, and sailing. Interestingly, one competition, surfing, will be held all the way in Tahiti, a French Polynesian island located in the South Pacific Ocean. So, you might want to consider multi-city stays and purchase a travel pass like the Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass if you plan to visit multiple locations.

For more information on where certain events will be held, visit the Paris 2024 Olympics official site!

How can I get tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympics?

The Olympics stadium filled with spectators
The Olympics stadium filled with spectators

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, head to the official website to see if any are still available. Some games might be marked as sold out, but keep checking back as they might release more tickets.

Prices vary a lot depending on the event. For example, some soccer matches start at just 24 euros, while the best seats for the opening ceremony can go for 2,700 euros. Looking for the full experience? The Olympic Committee offers Travel Packages that include tickets and travel plans. For a VIP experience, you can also get Hospitality Packages.

Just remember, tickets are only sold through the official website. The organisers warn that buying from unauthorised sources could mean you won’t get in, and reselling tickets illegally is against French law.

How to book accommodations for the Olympics

Finding a place to stay for the Paris Olympics can be tricky! If budget isn’t a concern and you want a stress-free experience, consider booking with On Location, the official hospitality partner for the games. They’ll handle various aspects of your trip, taking a load off your shoulders. But if that’s not an option, you’ll need to be smart about your accommodation search.

With the Olympics just a month away, finding accommodation can be a challenge. Expect hotel, Airbnb, and other lodgings prices to skyrocket. The best spots are likely already booked as well. So, to secure your accommodations, prioritise the events you want to attend and search for nearby places. Then, act quickly and don’t forget to stay flexible!

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How to get around Paris during the Olympics

40 venues across the greater Paris area will be used, so you’ll need to commute between them. In this case, public transport is your best bet, helping you avoid traffic congestion caused by the large number of visitors.

Paris’ extensive metro system, with 16 lines and over 300 stations, will be your best friend for getting around. Be aware of potential price hikes on single metro tickets due to increased demand. Instead, opt for the budget-friendly Navigo Pass, which allows you to preload journeys at a discounted rate compared to buying single tickets.

If you’re keen on exploring Paris beyond the Games, stay updated on any road closures or venue access restrictions via the official Paris 2024 website. And when it comes to navigating the city streets, apps like Citymapper or Google Maps are your saving grace. Don’t be shy to ask the locals for insider tips too!

When it comes to events outside Paris, forget about short-haul flights! France has banned them for trips under 2.5 hours that can be done by train. So, whether you’re bound for Nantes, Bordeaux, or Lyon, trains are your best bet (unless you prefer driving).

Stay Connected During Paris 2024 Olympics

Trying to find out when the gymnastics competition starts? Need directions to your lodging? Want to check road closures or access restrictions for major attractions on the official Paris 2024 website? Make your Summer Olympics trip easier with TravelKon’s Europe eSIM & SIM cards and earn points you can redeem on your next trip!

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