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From the bustling streets of New York to the serene beaches of California, TravelKon offers a diverse selection of prepaid USA SIM cards and eSIM with inclusion such as unlimited data plans along with unlimited call and text features from the best network providers.

Whether your stay is brief or extended, you will find the perfect USA SIM card or USA travel eSIM to suit your requirements with TravelKon.

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Our assortment of USA SIM cards and eSIM

Choose USA SIM cards and eSIMs partnered with trusted providers such as T-Mobile and AT&T. With various unlimited data options and add-ons available, you can access dependable data and clear calls, ensuring you stay connected with your loved ones back home throughout your journey.

Experience the USA with unmatched connectivity

Discover the USA with uninterrupted connectivity with our USA travel SIM cards and eSIM. Explore our array of prepaid USA SIM cards and convenient eSIM options at TravelKon today and experience a seamless connection throughout your travels.


What options are available for travellers seeking both physical SIM cards and eSIM solutions for their trip to the USA?

We have various USA SIM card and eSIM solutions available. Choose a month-long or 60-day plan with unlimited data and add-ons, or enjoy a SIM with year-long validity. Explore our selection today or speak with one of our live chat agents to find the perfect USA SIM card that suits your needs.

How can I determine if the TravelKon USA travel SIM card or eSIM will work with my mobile device?

Physical SIM cards will be compatible with most, if not all, unlocked phones. For eSIM, please refer to the table list of compatible devices mentioned in the description of every USA eSIM card product page. Feel free to message us through our website’s live chat if you need more assistance.

What methods of shipping and delivery does TravelKon offer for USA SIM card purchases within Australia?

We offer free shipping for standard delivery with the Australia Post, as well as free priority shipping for orders over $50. For estimated shipping times and order tracking, check out our page on shipping and delivery.

Is it possible to use a TravelKon USA SIM card in other countries, or do I need a separate card for each destination?

Yes, it’s possible. The T-Mobile SIM Card or eSIM has the Canada and Mexico option as an add-on. We also have a European SIM card with Vodafone that can also be used in Europe, the UK and Turkey! Additionally, we have World Explorer options that can be used in 100 or more countries internationally.

If I encounter any issues with my TravelKon USA SIM card while abroad, where can I find support and troubleshooting assistance?

You can find support through our live chat channel via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. We also have a comprehensive troubleshooting guide you can follow.


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